About Us

when you get down to it

We believe in family

We are a family owned business and we believe in treating everyone with kindness and respect just like you would your own family.


Hiking, camping, horseback riding…anything out in nature is what soothes our souls  


We have chickens and Nigerian goats as well as mini horses and mini donkeys, 2 pitties, a Great Pyreness LGD, and 4 cats  


Our eldest son is a Real Estate investor, our middle child attends University up in Canada and our youngest daughter is in High School 

Erin and Corey have been married for over 20 years. They were married in Evergreen, Colorado and raised their three children in Colorado before moving to Washington state. Evergreen trees and the mountain town where they were married, has always made "Evergreen" an endearing term for the couple. 

Their first home they bought together was a fixer upper built in 1880. They remodeled the entire house themselves and built a beautiful sprawling garden in the expansive backyard. Soon, friends and family began asking for help remodeling and designing their own homes. It was always a dream of theirs to one day have their own business remodeling and flipping homes for themselves and others! 

Fast forward about 18 years and after buying a small farm and building a barn on their property, Evergreen Barn Builders, LLC was born. They began building barns, chicken coops and other outdoor structures for homesteads and farms. The business very quickly expanded to remodeling and renovating homes and not just building barns, so the business assumed name became Evergreen Builders Co.

Today, Erin and Corey offer full-service new builds, renovations, investor-friendly remodeling for flips and quick turnarounds and home and building design services.

Evergreen Builders Co.
Construction Company